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Do you discover troubles in installing your HP Deskjet 1511? At that point you are in the ideal place. In this page we manage you in unboxing, printing and scanning. We likewise help you in how to associate with wireless network and fundamental setup of HP Deskjet 1511 printer. You will likewise know some critical data, for example, downloading and installing HP Deskjet 1511 software and drivers.


Regardless the fundamental printer setup, pursue the offered ventures to unbox and setting up your printer.

  • Initially, you need to evacuate packing materials and tape both from outside and inside the printer cautiously.
  • You should handle the printer parts cautiously in light of the fact that any harm could cause you malfunctioning of the printer.
  • At that point you should check for any packing materials left over in the input tray and cartridge territories.
  • Once all the printer packing materials have been expelled from the printer, put it for recycling.
  • The subsequent stage is to give power supply to your printer.
  • For that you need to connect one end of the power cord given along with your printer with an outer power source and another conclusion to the rear side of your printer.
  • Once you have effectively connected the power cord you can turn ON the printer.
  • At that point from the printer control panel go to Settings to set date, time, and language of the printer.



  • Subsequent to unboxing the printer, you need to install the ink cartridge into the printer.
  • You will discover these ink cartridges shipped alongside the printer. Pursue the means for installing the ink cartridges in HP Deskjet 1511
  • It is proposed that you should deal with these ink cartridges cautiously. On the off chance that the ink cartridges are misused it might cause printer disappointment.


Try not to supplant the protective cap put over the nozzle or man handle the nozzle region. This may results in ink disappointment or obstructs in the printer.

Keep in mind forget to store these ink cartridges in cool and dry place

Ward off the ink cartridges from children on the grounds that these cartridges may turn harmful for children.

  • You ought to deliberately hold the cartridges just close by which is secured by a black colored plastic layer.
  • At that point cautiously embed these ink cartridges into their particular slots accessible in the ink cartridge access door.
  • Insert the black ink cartridge to the right and the other color ink cartridges to the left.
  • hp.com/setup

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We are currently going to clarify about loading papers into the input tray. After effectively introducing the ink cartridges, next you need to stack the papers into the input tray for printing. Pursue the means cautiously to stack the papers.

  • You ought to dependably utilize the prescribed papers for printing. The most favored paper size would be A4 estimate plain white papers.
  • For loading the papers, you need to open the input tray and haul out the tray extender.
  • Before putting the papers into the input tray you should modify the paper width slider. The paper width slider is given for modifying the paper width which is put in the input tray.
  • With the assistance of this slider you can alter the paper in the input tray and slide until the point when it achieves the bottom of the input tray. When you have embedded the papers a computerized printer alignment paper will be printed.



With this above advance, you have arrived at the finish of your printer hardware set up. Next how about we proceed onward to the software installation. You can introduce the official HP printer software for your printer from 123.hp.com/other-printers.

  • Before you begin utilizing your printer, check if your printer has the most recent refreshed printer software and driver.
  • You could discover a search bar in the page from which you can download the printer driver and software.
  • Type your printer model number in the search bar and tap on GO.
  • A rundown of accessible printer driver and software will be shown from which you can download your printer driver and software to open the printer software.

For Windows 10:Choose Start and then select HP from the list of apps that are displayed, and then tap on the icon that will list your printer.

For Windows 8:You will have to right click on the desktop and then click the All Apps menu that is displayed on the app bar, now choose your printer.

For Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP: Select HP from start all programs option. Then select your printer name from the selective folder.



Before you begin printing your documents ensure that you have checked the print quality. It is imperative to check for print quality so you can show signs of improvement print results. For better print quality, you need to adjust the ink cartridges first.

  • To check the print quality, the printer will naturally print an alignment paper.
  • Guarantee that you have stacked the input tray with the paper before checking the print quality.
  • Check with the alignment paper and adhere to the directions given in the printed paper for ink cartridge alignment.

Next for aligning the ink cartridges, adhere to the directions given beneath

  • Unlock the scanner lid.
  • Keep the printed alignment paper in the scanner glass properly.
  • Ensure that the printed side is confronting downwards.
  • Close the scanner lid to and tap on OK to begin the alignment procedure.

Steps for successful printing

  • You need to utilize unique HP ink cartridges as it were.
  • Check if the ink cartridges are introduced in their particular slots.
  • You ought to dependably screen the ink levels in the cartridges.
  • It is prompted not to utilize the papers whenever collapsed or torn.

Steps to print on both sides (duplexing)

Some of you may ask how might I print on both the sides of the paper?

You can print on the two sides of the paper. It is called as duplexing. To accomplish this you need to open the printer control panel. Select File > Print. There tap the printer shortcut tab and select print on the two sides physically.


With the effective alignment of the ink cartridges, we are presently proceeding onward towards how to print utilizing your HP Deskjet 1511 printer?

In this area we control you in printing your documents. You can print your required documents by any of the accompanying strategies.

  • HP Smart App
  • HP Printer Software

Steps to print using the hp smart app

Adhere to the directions given underneath for fruitful printing utilizing the HP Smart app technique

  • Embed the paper into the input tray of the printer.
  • Next, open the HP Smart app and select your printer.
  • Select the document that you need to print (Photos, documents)
  • Tap on Print

Steps to print documents using hp printer software

In the event that on the off chance that you wish to print utilizing the printer software, you should need to install the fitting printer driver and software as expressed previously. You can install the suggested printer software from 123.hp.com in your computer.

  • Load the input paper into the input tray.
  • Open the printer properties exchange box.
  • Here you can set subtleties and change properties like paper size, color, and paper orientation.
  • Next, tap on print to begin printing.



A portion of your printer has the ability of taking copies and scanning your documents. In this segment we help you on scanning and copying your documents. The client can take any number of copies with the Copy menu or they can scan your documents and use it for later purposes.


  • Ensure that your printer is ON.
  • Presently stack the paper that you need to make the copy in the scanner glass.
  • Guarantee that you set the printed side looking down in the scanner territory.
  • Next you need to choose copy choice from the printer control panel.
  • At that point enter the number of duplicates that you will make and tap on copy.

You can likewise change the properties like paper size, paper type, quality, or other settings. To begin copying click on Settings from the printer show and select copy.

Note: Click on Select Black to begin the copy in black and white. Or Select Start Color to begin the copy in color.

Driver Download:

To download the most recent updated printer driver, you can visit 123.hp.com and pick the fitting printer model to download the printer driver. When you have effectively downloaded the printer driver you need to install it. The printer driver can be downloaded either through the Network or the Wireless method. The printer will consequently recognize your PC design and show the rundown of drivers and software for your printer. Pick the suitable bundle and download the entire drivers and software for your HP Desk stream 1511 printer.


Install the prescribed printer software from 123.hp.com as expressed before in this article. Pursue the means to download and install the software for scanning your documents.

  • Next you need to put the paper to be scanned on the scanner glass.
  • Note that the print side should dependably confront downwards in the scanner segment.
  • Presently open the installed HP scan software to begin the scanning procedure.
  • Tap on scan to scan the report put in the scanner glass.

You can likewise scan the report through any of the accompanying ways.

Steps to scan using the HP Smart App

The HP Smart app is utilized broadly to scan documents or photos from the printer’s scanner. The HP Smart app additionally incorporates devices that enable you to alter the scanned picture. Adhere to the guidelines to begin scanning with the HP smart app.

Steps to scan from a Windows 10

  • Place the paper to be scanned with the print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Open the HP Smart app and tap on scan choice from the application.
  • From that point you can see the preview of the scanned document by choosing the Preview button.
  • Select the Save icon after the scanning procedure is finished.

Steps to scan from an Android or iOS

For utilizing this HP smart app from your mobile device you need to download the HP Smart app in your mobile.

Before utilizing the app, initially you need to interface your printer with the application. For that, tap on the “+” symbol accessible in the app to include the new printer. When you have chosen the printer pick the document that you need to scan from your mobile and snap OK. You can later save, share or print the scanned document or photograph.

Steps to scan using Web scan

Web scan enables you to scan any documents, images straightforwardly from the web browser of your computer. The web scan highlight will be off as a matter of course. You may request that how empower the Web scan include? To empower the web scan:

  • To open the web server check the IP address (which is last talked about in this article) of your printer and open the server.
  • Next tap the Settings tab. From that point go to Administrator Settings under the Security menu
  • Presently tap on Web scan from EWS to empower Web scan.


Do you discover troubles in interfacing your HP Deskjet printer through Wi-Fi? In this area, we will examine about wireless and wired printer setup of HP Deskjet 1511.

As the vast majority of the printers currently do bolster both wireless printing and wired printing, it has turned out to be much vital to think about these setup. We will clarify in insight concerning how to set up your printer in wireless strategy, how to change your IP address and some more.


hp deskjet 2622 scan

In the event that on the off chance that you wish to associate your HP Deskjet 1511 Printer wireless you can access through the HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct highlights. From these techniques you can interface Wi-Fi fit gadgets, for example, Smartphone, tablets, or computers to you printer to setup a wireless network association without the assistance of wireless router or access point.

HP Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Direct

Wi-Fi Direct enables you to print wirelessly through your computer, Smartphone, or tablet. For that, your device must download the suggested printer software from 123.hp.com/setup as expressed prior. To turn on Wi-Fi direct pursue the means given

  • Go to the printer control panel in your Deskjet 2130 printer and tap on the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • In Wi-Fi direct option select settings. There you can Turn On the Wi-Fi direct option.
  • You can connect up to five devices through the Wi-Fi direct strategy.

You can likewise get to this technique notwithstanding when your printer is associated by means of USB cable. Ensure that your device has a functioning internet connection. On the off chance that you have associated your printer to the computer with a USB cable, pursue the means beneath for the Wi-Fi Direct connection

  • Open the HP printer software in the computer.
  • Choose Tools> Device Setup and Software> Connect another device.
  • Under the connection tab you will discover Wireless choice.
  • It will consequently list the accessible printers there select your HP printer from the rundown of recognized printers.
  • Adhere to the directions showed on the screen to finish the setup.

To print from a wireless-capable mobile that supports Wi-Fi Direct

  • Turn Wi-Fi Direct ON in your HP Deskjet 2130 printer and in your mobile.
  • At that point pick the document that you need to print from your mobile and tap on Print.
  • The screen will currently show the rundown of accessible printers.
  • From that rundown of accessible printers select your printer and snap OK.

To print from a wireless-capable computer

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi direct choice in your HP Deskjet 2130 printer and computer.
  • Pick the printers name from the rundown of the accessible network in the Wi-Fi settings in your computer.
  • Next, enter the secret key to interface the printer with your computer.
  • With is you have effectively associated your printer remote. On the off chance that your printer is associated through USB cable, pursue the means referenced as before in this setup.


Now and then you need to refresh the printer manually for better execution. To refresh your printer guarantee that your printer is associated with a network. Pursue the means that we have examined before about associating the printer with the network. From that you need to empower the Web Services in your printer since this component enables you to have a functioning web connection. At the point when the printer is effectively associated with the web it will presently naturally check for updates.

In the event that any most recent adaptation of the driver programming is accessible the printer will at that point naturally downloads and install the refresh. After the fruitful installation, your printer will naturally restart.

To Update the Printer using Printer Control Panel

  • From the printer control panel Home screen select Setup
  • At that point tap on Tools > Update the Printer.There you need to check for accessible updates

For automatic printer updates

To empower the printer to naturally check for updates go to printer control panel. In that pick Setup from the Home screen. At that point tap on Tools > Update the Printer. Pick the Printer Update Options and after that tap on Install Automatically (prescribed) or Alert When Available.



With the assistance of your HP printer, you can get to the files from the internet by utilizing this Web service include. To get to the HP Web services ensure that your printer is associated with a functioning internet connection.

Steps To Setup Web Service Using Printer Control Panel

  • From the printer control panel go to Settings > Web Services
  • There tap on OK to begin web services in your printer.
  • Presently your printer will be consequently associated with the server and print a robotized test page.

Steps To Setup Web Service Using Embedded Web Server (EWS)

  • Discover your printer IP Address and with that you need to open the installed web server.
  • At that point tap on the setup from the installed server settings icon. You will see a screen with set of guidelines showed.
  • Next tap on Continue to continue with the installed server web administrations.


With this element, you can get to your printer from wherever. You can get the printer email information by squeezing the Information button and Cancel button. Before you initiate this component ensure that your computer or mobile device has a functioning Internet connection. At that point empower the Web Services alternative on the printer.

Steps To Print Using HP ePrint

  • Open the email application from the device that you need to connect.
  • Tap on make another email button and connect the file that you need to print.
  • In the “To” field enter the HP ePrint postage information.
  • Snap Send email choice.
  • On the off chance that you needn’t bother with any of the web services you can evacuate the services by tapping on the Web Services tab in the printer control panel and select Remove Web Services in the settings.



Paper jam from the input tray

  • Haul out the input tray and expel the paper which is stuck in the tray.
  • After the paper is expelled reinsert the input tray into the printer.
  • Switch on the printer.

Paper jam from the print zone

  • Switch off the printer to access the ink cartridge zone.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and move the printer carriage.
  • Check for the paper jammed inside the cartridge zone.
  • Expel the jammed paper from the carriage.
  • Then close the lid of cartridge access door.

Paper jam from the rear of the printer

  • Turn off the printer and open the back door of the printer. Check for any paper stuck or jammed in the zone. Evacuate the paper and close the back access door.
  • It is prescribed to abstain from utilizing devices to evacuate items, for example, papers that stuck in print carriage. As a rule, to keep away from paper sticks in HP Deskjet 1511
  • Every now and again clear the output tray.
  • Try not to utilize papers that are torn or collapsed.
  • Try not to over-burden the input tray.



Check much of the time that if both the black and colored ink cartridges have the reasonable measure of ink in it. On the off chance that the ink level is lower than the ordinary, supplant the ink cartridge. Additionally, check if the cartridge contacts are harmed or miss put in the openings and check if the defensive layer is evacuated appropriately.

Clean the cartridge contact with a bit of fine cloth. Try not to contact the contacts. Reinsert the cartridges in its opening to continue printing. On the off chance that you discover issue with the ink cartridge after this procedure, you need to supplant the ink cartridge. Utilize just the first HP ink cartridges.


  • By and large, print quality issues happen because of the accompanying reasons
  • Check in the event that you are utilizing unique HP ink cartridge. Utilize the suggested paper estimate for printing.
  • Pick the best possible settings in the print settings page.
  • Check for updates in the printer software and search for quality settings in the software.
  • Ensure that you supplant the ink cartridge at standard interims.
  • Legitimate cartridge alignment must be done in the wake of putting in new cartridges each time for better print quality.


Regularly you may confront issues with network connectivity while printing from the LAN cables. To comprehend these issues in regards to the network and connectivity, you can visit the HP web based troubleshooting wizard

Adhere to the directions showed on your work area to finish the troubleshooting procedure.

Steps to Fix wireless connection

In the event that you have experienced any network issues from your printer you can settle the HP printer wireless connection by downloading the HP printer scan doctor from the given connection. The HP Scan doctor software encourages you to settle the network issues consequently.

  • To check the network design and to print test page adhere to the guidelines
  • Tap on Wireless from the Home screen in the printer control show panel.
  • Next, select the Settings > Print Reports > Network arrangement Page or Wireless Test Report.
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